NO GRAVE NIGHT featured on my agency’s newsletter:

      Three-hundred years after Rosmia walled itself inside a doomed land overrun by the flesh-eating strigoi, three unlikely heroes are forced to save themselves from the spreading curse that causes the dead to rise and devour the living. NO GRAVE NIGHT by Paige M. Cober follows a misanthropic midwife-witch, a princess consort troubled by rumors she bathes in blood, and an outcast boy who comes from the borders of the ruined land with a message: only the trio can find his missing sister and save their country from devastation. But navigating a world littered with both the undead and dying––whether they may be soul-devouring cults, decaying giants, or axe-wielding cannibals in pursuit of magic––proves to be the least of their problems, no matter their separate, not-so-heroic ambitions. And even so, the war brewing between the undead strigoi and Rosmia’s dying people threatens to uncover the truth behind the nature of their own humanity––or whatever remains. This fantasy about the rise of hope through death and decay takes the magic of SABRIEL and sets it against the dark Eastern European backdrop of THE WITCHER. (Please note, Amy Elizabeth Bishop is the agent on this project.)

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