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River is dead, and, like most dead girls, there’s anger in her nature.

Murdered a day before her seventeenth birthday, she remembers nothing about her life but the murder that ended it, and she spends her days trying to track down her own killer. She lives with a community of other dead teenagers who share a cramped Boston apartment, pick up odd jobs, and bother the living. But as more and more girls are found murdered, River reaches a new boiling point, and the once fine-line between the world of the living and the dead begins to blur. Meanwhile, Ji Soo, River’s roommate and a girl who’s been dead and back a couple of times is hiding her own secrets as she watches the victim count in Boston grow. She keeps one eye on River, her charge, and one eye on the talented and dangerous Dufour family, who make deals with the dead. And then there’s a living boy named Elijah Vasilyev, a Russian immigrant, gifted hacker, and medium who’s working with the two occult-savvy Dufour siblings to uncover the murderer. As the number of dead in Boston threaten to throw off the delicate dance between the living and the dead, they must join forces to catch the killer of girls before the world as they know it is destroyed.

Sharp and darkly humorous, DEAD GIRL DYING by Paige Cober speaks to the cost of justice and the power of girls who take matters into their own hands. Readers of The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold and This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab will be eager to see this smart and gorgeous novel on shelves.

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